True Hose Push 2016

I am going to keep this short and sweet; watch the video. We need your support, so please share it.

The goal of the “True Hose” project is to build the equivalent of the “Halligan Pro Bar” for fire hose.  Like the Pro Bar, True Hose will be a hose known as “best in class.”  A hose that works well with high application rates and low nozzle reactions.

This means a hand line nozzle operating at pressures between 40 and 60 psi.  A hose with low kink, low nozzle whip, appropriate weight, proper friction loss vs. water velocity for flow.  A robust construction to combat thermal and mechanical insult on the fire ground and attain a service life of 10 years with no elongation or delamination issues.  The diameter on the hose will actually be the internal diameter of the hose.  While this alone will not be, and there is no, silver bullet, this is a step in the right direction. This is “True Hose”

It will be manufactured in a consistent nature and be the same year to year.  Your pump charts will remain accurate and your handline target flows delivered through your whole hose fleet ensured.  Eventually, the goal is a system of True Nozzles, Hose, and PDP gauges, with proper placement pressure pick-ups.  

Two hose companies have provided proof of concept hose constructions: North American Fire Hose and Key.  Neither has a final product or a finished spec I find acceptable.  However, I must commend them for their involvement and thank them for their work thus far.  Akron, Elkhart and TFT all have made the 1 3/16th tip, but have yet to commit to a full line of “True Nozzle”, partnership between a hose and Nozzle Company will greatly enhance this effort. 

LeGear Engineering F.D. Consulting would like to thank:

Fire Nuggets (David Sprague) and County Fire Tactics (Curt Isakson) for publishing both “Hose Dreams” and “Nozzles Dreams” which represents ground zero of this movement.   

Nozzle FWD (Aaron & Crew)

Rogue Fire (Gary & Crew)

Brothers in Battle (Cody & Crew)

Fire by Trade (Brian & Crew)

Departments where test hose has been issued: Clackamas Fire District 1, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue,  Berkeley Fire, Salinas Fire, and Palo Alto Fire.  

Several large departments have sought advice with hose and shared problems. This list is not all inclusive but shows the scope of the problem:  Boston, FDNY, Denver, Seattle, Clark County NV, and Oakland.  This has kept me motivated, as much of this work in non-compensated. 

Bobby Halton and Eric Roden of Fire Engineering for a few emails and calls with advice and guidance for the future.  

I am 5+ years deep into this project, progress has been slow and demand has been high.  I apologize for the delay, I feel we are closer than ever.   If consumer demand remains high the product will come.  This is our battle.  

In Solidarity,

Dennis LeGear