Dennis LeGear, retired Capt. Oakland, CA. 

  • Oakland FD - Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant and Captain.
  • Kings County FD - Engineer
  • California Department of Forestry - Firefighter
  • CSFM Fire Instructor
  • California State University, Long Beach, B.S. Professional Studies
  • Los Medanos College, Pittsburg, CA   A.S. Degree, Fire Technology


During his career Dennis was an integral part of the team that implemented a new engine configuration for Oakland Fire Department as the water supply officer. After his retirement he continued to pursue this role but as a consultant for other fire departments. Dennis has provided technical advice to some of the largest fire agencies in the nation including, Portland, Seattle, Boston and the City of New York.  Dennis consulted with water municipalities assisting in the development of emergency response plans for a variety of water infrastructure problems related to seismic events and other disasters.  

Dennis also has played a key role for the fire service on a national level participating in UL studies on fire streams, providing technical knowledge for Pennwell publications and NFPA standards.

“Dennis is that firefighter who could never find enough information or stop seeking improvement. His career did not end with his retirement. He works every day to improve the fire service, not only as an expert in his field but as someone who is still a firefighter.”
— Jesse Wooton - Palo Alto Fire Department
Dennis is a experienced public speaker. He has a unique ability to appeal to both firefighters and fire chiefs when explaining information.”
— Andrew Murtagh - San Francisco Fire Department